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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The foul smell of activism


The protests in Crawford, Texas is quite the scene for passionate sign holders on both sides of the political spectrum. However, not everyone likes a good Crossfire-style picnic:
Meanwhile, some Crawford residents urged county officials to crack down on the
protesters, citing traffic, parking and health concerns, the use of portable
toilets and security.

And this brings us to the downside of activism: porta potties. The quotation above clearly sets out distinct concerns, with porta potties and health concerns listed separately.

It seems that the issue the residents have with the porta potties is merely the aesthetic dislike of any reminder of the existence of fecal matter. One would think that living among the fields of cattle in this area would toughen these Texans to the idea of the need for living organisms to defecate. One would think, in fact, that Texans would embrace the idea of the porta pottie, and maybe even try and construct giant cow-sized porta potties, that cattle could be trained to use. It just seems odd that people would be upset to see a few instances of waste material being contained in small boxes, when cattle are spreading a much larger and pungent version of that waste material willy nilly across the range.

And though both parties have delegates protesting in Crawford, here is where we come to the core difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans celebrate freedom from regulation. Democrats desire to protect us from squalor through organization. Republicans don't want America to be told where to cop a squat, leaving us free to use any patch of grass or secluded forrest. While Democrats would rather designate a certain place to take care of business, so that we can walk through the grass without the fear of stumbling into someone else's freedom pie. It's a tough call, between the two, really - no one wants to be told where to go, and we all appreciate clean shoes.


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