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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Case throws money at human folding


CNN reports:

The Washington Post reports that Case is going into business with Jirka Rysavy, chief executive of Gaiam Inc., who the paper reports lives in a cabin in
Colorado without indoor plumbing. The newspaper said the investment is the
latest one by Case associated with a new-age lifestyle in the belief they are
going mainstream.

The business Case is investing $20M in produces yoga videos. The fact that Case has rejected indoor plumming, makes me wonder why he has embraced videos. Surely, a video is more new-age than a toilet. (Unless it was that "love toilet" from SNL, where two people could sit on a toilet together, facing opposite directions. That could be considered more new age than a video.) (Also, I suppose the videos could be in Beta cassette form. That would be enough of an obscure-retro medium, to qualify for honorary new-age status.)(But I digress.)

The more interesting point here - beyond the hypocrisy of shunning basic technology and investing in recent technological advances - is that Yoga is already mainstream. Yoga is taught in gyms, college campuses, and community centers around the country. Case's camp goes so far as to describe Yoga and the pursuit of healthy living as "nearing a tipping point", uttering the Malcolm Gladwell buzzword. But isn't yoga past the tipping point? If yoga classes are accessible pretty much everywhere that a yogaclass could happen, then aren't we passed the tipping point? I suppose there could be yoga classes in schools, but I'm sure there already are some.

People have been worried about getting in shape for years now. The proliferation of diets, gyms, and BMI analysis is testament to that phenomenon. Likewise, people have been into new age thinking for years now. Hippies, indoor water falls, power crystals, sandals, and people with futuristic head shaving looks are all a testament to that phenomenon. It seems that Case is slow on the uptake.

I say, stop Case now. What if he decides that toileltless living is on the next tipping point, and $20M worth of outhouses start popping up all over the country?


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