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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

worthwhile reading on Michael Moore and the state of the left


Finally someone expresses a vision for an intellectually honest liberalism...

My favorite quote:

A short digression is in order here, because it is important for everything that follows. There is no real Left at this time in the United States. There are some thoughtful, "small-d" democratic leftists, and there is an entirely separate (and marginal) class of radical leftists who think that Fidel is a great hero and who are nostalgic for the Soviet Union. But there are no left-wing politics in the sense of having an agenda and a party. There is no party in American contemporary life, for example, that seeks a national, single-payer health care system. Or that advocates a steeply graduated income tax. Or that proposes full civil rights for gay people. There is no movement or party doing these things, certainly not the national Democratic Party. So I don't think that left politics exists in this country, and it's important to understand that.


  • He's right to say that a "party" does not exist that embraces all those ideals, but he's wrong to say that a "movement" does not. That movement is alive and well in the young, blog-reading, progressive left wing embodied by Markos Moulitsas (DailyKos), Jerome Armstrong (myDD), Joshua Micah Marshall (TPM), Atrios (Eschaton), and thousands of others. And, by the way, the establishment of the D party is starting to pay attention. We got our guy elected chair of the DNC. And one of two presidential front-runners recently had a bunch of these people over for dinner to share ideas. We won't get a 2008 candidate sticking up for gay marriage, but the voices are there, and being heard by more every day.

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