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Friday, May 27, 2005

Texas is the winner


We made our way back to Austin, sated. I had driven 1,800 miles in seven days, eaten 15 barbecue meals in a row, and finally found bliss in Texas. The four Texas barbecue meals I ate in 24 hours were better than any other barbecue I ever had in my life (save my one meal at Cooper's in 1989). I had found my barbecue bliss, and I was done. My lower intestine had ground to a complete stop, and I had a slight pain in my chest. It was time to go home.

As someone who traveled to Texas several times to visit my grandfather when I was young, I agree whole-heartedly that Texas barbecue is a step above the rest - way above. As much as I enjoy Chicago's ribfest, nowhere else can compete. The only place that compares, is Rockland's Barbecue in Washington, DC. I encourage those blog readers who live in the DC area to try it if they have not done so already. You will not be disappointed.


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