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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Take your time...take your time...


The Bolton Nomination will not come to a vote tonight. The Dems were able to round up 42 votes against ending debate over Bolton. Usually, I am all for efficiency and progress and moving on (but not in a sort of way), and yet I am happy about this rejection of cloture.

Partly because I like saying the word cloture, it either sounds like the name of the frat guy that would eat pizza that's been under the couch for three months or like a word destined to be used by sports announcers in the next few years - Bill Walton: "That's what I call cloture! The Lakers think they have cloture, but they just learned the hard way that cloture isn't just a bunch of guys standing around pretending."

Partly because I like having pictures of Bolton served up daily. I like imagining him running through a hotel, yelling at people, his mustache and hair out of control, people staring at him wondering if someone stole part of his comic book collection. I like hearing more accounts of him bullying people, and listening to the arguments made against and in-favor of his bullying.

Mostly, though, I like the idea of the Senate grinding to a halt. I love the theater. I like the idea of the Dems getting excited about one little victory and going nutty with clogging tactics for other matters. I want to see the look on hard line right wingers' faces similar to the look on Seinfeld's face when he found out that something of his had been in the toilet. I want all the chicanery to blow up in the Democrats faces. I want the GOP to fall apart. I want votes on volatile issues. I want inquiries and investigations and references to Caligula, Wile E. Coyote, and Darth Vader. I want spectacle. And then, in the end, I want Arnold to stroll in and call them all girlie men. Have the moderates start their own party. And watch the rest of them battle it out in hot dog eating contest.


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