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Monday, May 09, 2005

Hostage saved by pizza


I have praised the power of pizza and other fast food quite often. It seems that the world is starting to catch on:

An Australian prison siege ended on Monday after a group of inmates agreed to release a guard they had held for two days in return for a delivery of pizzas, prison officials said.

And it makes me wonder: have we stunted the magic of pizza? Have we held back pizza, simply because we misunderstood its greater gifts and social muscle? Yes, we have.

Pizza soothes football rivals watching a game in the same living room. Pizza sends college students to bed, when only mayhem awaits them at night. Pizza signals the end of a children's pizza party. Pizza teaches us how to share. It shows us that compromise is possible. Pizza is a mouth watering treat and a lesson in diplomacy.

Maybe the problem with Oil for Food was that we weren't being specific enough with "Food". Maybe Oil for Pizza would be more successful.

Maybe the Jets and the Sharks wouldn't have had the dance-rumble if someone had delivered a pizza to their meeting place. Perhaps a slice of cheese would have helped them "stay cool boy."

I'm not saying that all the world's conflicts could be solved by pizza. But it might give us the right place to start. Compromise between world leaders would find its seed crystal in a negotiation over the last slice of pepperoni. Mutual benefits would be realized when rival companies bit into a slice of Chicago-style.

The world would be a better place...if we just let pizza make it better for us.


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