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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Eating urgency

The WSJ reported today that the maker of a Shrek "mini" candy would remove "for a limited time" from its marketing approach because that phrase created a "sense of eating urgency". The Journal concludes this move is a response to growing criticism of fat kids.

There is nothing as urgent as the need to devour sugar laden treats modeled after cartoons before they're removed from the market. I once ate 6 ice cream sandwiches because the power went out and they were melting in the freezer. I could feel the urgency. I gorged myself. I was covered in vanilla ice cream and graham crackers minutes later, somewhat dazed, wondering what had propelled me through such a gluttonous bonanza. It was the urgency. I was intoxicated with urgency - with the fear of no dessert and the nightmare of an ice creamless future. So, a sense of eating urgency could transform a person into an animal. The effects of eating urgency are real.

However, what of the danger of ignoring an "eating urgency"? In other words, if those Shrek candies truly are only offered for a limited time, then a sense of eating urgency is appropriate. We don't want to make the world so safe from false alarm eating urgencies that we miss the real urgencies. I say if one sense of eating urgency is missed in the name of protecting us from a faux urgency, and a product line of candies, ribwiches, processed pastries, or other food is gone forever and no one had the chance to stuff their face with reckless abandon, then what has become of us as a society. I implore you all to err on the side of urgent eating.


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