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Friday, March 11, 2005

Weak dollar thwarts hippie lifestyle


The BBC reports that European companies are upset about the sliding dollar. While these companies are large corporations, the BBC has determined that executives won't be the only ones left out in the cold due to the dollar's plunge.

And VW said the feeble dollar had forced it to ditch plans to bring to the
US a successor for its iconic minivan, once much favoured by hippies.

My question is: where is the hippie outrage? Does nothing short of a lack of cheese flavored chips coupled with an extinct lava lamp rally the hippie ire? Don't the hippies realize that if the weak dollar can take down the minibus, it can undercut the hemp necklace? Then what would be left of hippiedom? Just a few people singing karaoke versions of "Me & Bobby McGee" as their friends flash peace signs from their barstools, I guess.

I mean, if the weak dollar threatened the livelihood of "the lazies", which is my set, I'd be outraged. If the weak dollar took out Lay-z Boy chairs, remote controls, or those moving walkways at the airport, I'd certainly advocate a different fiscal policy. The hippies need to put their game face on.


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