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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Pepsi will stop targetting kids


Apparently, PepsiCo is going to tone down its advertisements aimed at children in response to rising obesity levels. This measure, on its face, seems responsible and admirable. Yet, when I read the article I found:
Our intent is not to just beat our chests and try to take credit for what we're
doing," said Irene Rosenfeld, the chief executive of Frito-Lay North America,
PepsiCo's snacks unit. "We're just quietly doing it because it's the right thing
to do."

And that quotation saddens me. Why? Because when it comes down to it, I believe in beating your chest and taking credit. Chest beating, or chest thumping, is more than just showing off or humiliating an opponent. Chest beating is how we highlight greatness. Now, sometimes, charlattans chest thump when really they have done nothing, but that is less an indictment of chest thumping and more of an indictment of people from charlotte.

For example, some kids are watching a football game and they see T.O. dance in the endzone. His dance highlights the achievements it takes to be great. The children understand - a touchdown is good. Similarly, take a small corporation, watching a big corporation on msnbc. The small corporation sees the big corporation thump their chest, and it too knows what actions it takes to be thump-worthy. Chest thumping is what America is all about. The founders of this country thumped their chests when they wrote the Declaration of Independence.

If you're against dancing in the endzone, then I say: you're against America.

The point is, chest thumping doesn't just promote imitation of the dancing and the posturing and the thumping. It shows kids, adults, companies, and politicians what to strive for. So thump your chest PepsiCo! Showing off is good. Showing off is what makes America great!


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