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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Democrats and the military


Beinhart argues that democrats should do a better job of appealing to veterans, much like Republicans have done a better job of reaching out to African-Americans and Hispanics. Yet Beinhart curiously argues that one easy step would be to oppose the bans on military recruiting at various college campuses. While I think these bans are laughably stupid, it seems to me that Beinhart confuses form and substance. While it seems worthwhile for Democrats to change their rhetoric on the military, this differs from chaning their underlying policy positions. An argument to change rhetoric ought not be conflates with an argument to change policy. While at times it may make sense to abandon an unpopular policy because supporting it inhibits other more important things, this calculus is much different than simply changing rhetoric, which does not in any way abandon an underlying set of values.


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