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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pet Cloning

Animal rights activists are are upset over the cloning of pet cats. I realize as a meateater, this is all hypothetical for me, but isn't it ridiculous for them to devote resources to protesting the cloning of cats when only a hadful of idiots are going to spend the $50,000 required for one. Meanwhile the world continues with medical experimentation on animals, slaughterhouses that I am glad I know nothing about and crazy NBA players running dog fighting rings. I am sure they could protect more animals by following around Qyntel Woods than by worrying about cloning.


  • I think animal rights activists should be excited about animal cloning.

    Scientists could find one cow and clone it over and over. Every piece of meat and burger could be made from the clones of one cow. That way, if you ignore the clones' autonomy, in a certain narrow understanding, everyone would be eating just one cow. I know they'd all be different in some ways, but let'f face it, clones don't really count as people.

    My theory would also help us avoid mad cow disease. We'd identify a cow without the disease and clone it and clone it and clone it. We could kill off all the other possible mad cows.

    Also, it could lead to good meat. We could identify cows predisposed to producing top of the line steak and clone them.

    Really, the possibilities are limitless...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:27 PM  

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