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Friday, February 25, 2005

The Golden Spines


Apparently, Dean, Kucinich, and Tubbs Jones have all been recipients of some Golden Backbone award. It appears to be some sort of honor for liberal democrats.

I consider myself liberal. However, I also consider myself poised to criticize at the drop of the hat, and this award, is just the drop of the hat I've been waiting for this afternoon.

According to

The group -- the Backbone Campaign -- is not only unhappy with the Bush
administration, but they find their own party somewhat compliant because many
will not stand up to President Bush and his policies.

Here are my criticisms:

1. Isn't the failure of progressive politics tied to more than a lack of courage?

2. Doesn't it distract from the real obstacles to focus the blame for the failure of progressive policies on something as, dare I say, Republican as questioning a politicians' toughness?

3. How much courage does it take to play to the party faithful and the outspoken far-left?

4. Wouldn't it take more courage to alienate the liberal base of the Democrats and compromise on some issues? If you think not, then answer these questions:

a. are you a serious liberal?

b. would you feel alienated if Dean compromised on some of his issues or Kucinich ate a cheesesteak?

5. Politics is about compromise. Courage and Backbone are the rubric of the fringe, always pulling in their own direction, challenging people's manhood for not challenging the people that challenge people's manhood.

So I ask, who deserves a golden backbone?


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