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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Becoming too civilzed? Why the death penalty should "live on"...


What can I say about the death penalty? At times it can be can "quite" controversial. Now that I am into my second semester of law school, I feel like I have a new understanding of the DP. I used to be "extremely" pro death penalty and always thought that anyone who was against it was "crazy" (e.g. - saying no death penalty after someone has killed your mom etc)... but now I am willing to at least listen to people who are against it. Basically, one of the few valid arguments against the death penalty is based on how the "system" itself is screwed up. The baldus study indicated that black defendants were found guilty more often than their white counterparts, and overall black lives were "less valued" than white lives, indicated by the fact that when a white person was killed, frequently the defendant would be put to death (when a black person was the victim the defendant was rarely put to death). However, two- tiered sentencing etc has helped eleviate some of the arbirtraniess of the death penaly.

BUT what I really want to talk about is the theoretical basis for the death penalty... more of a philosophical approach... I can't argue with the "system" problems... but let's assume that we have a perfect system where the defendant is 100% guilty of kiling etc (also a system in which the appeals process does not cost more than putting someone in prison -- you get the point) ... now what is everyone's problem with the death penalty? Many people, including some supreme ct justices have said that we should move away from the death penalty in order to become a more civilized society. My question is - isn't becoming too civilized a problem? Would we really like to live in a "time-out" world where someone can blow up a building and kill hundreds of people and then get to continue living life (i.e. - breathing)? I would be scared to live in a society where the criminals/crazies etc are elevated to a higher plane and we are too afraid to fight fire with fire because we don't want to come off as "uncivilized".... it is grossly unfair that someone can kill tens of people and then get to wake up everyday and use his imagination and jack off and sleep and eat and write etc while his victims lie in a state of eternal nothingness... if that is "civilized" then I say "no thank you to civilization"...
(killing all those people and then getting a "light sentence" for cooperating - f*** civilization)


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